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The ideographic function of color language in animated film works

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.043


Danni Shen, Yu Dong

Corresponding Author

Danni Shen


Color language and image language are two code systems. The reason why image language can't completely cover color language is that factors such as brightness and color in color will affect the effect of color in animation. Color can be used to convey information in film and television works. People have some conventional feelings about different colors. Color and language are similar and can form a combination. Color language and film and television language are two inseparable elements. This paper focuses on the use of color in animation from the perspectives of national cultural background, audience's psychological suggestion and social changes, and makes a multi-level study on the ideographic function of animation color language with reference to the color culture of film art. This paper deconstructs several concrete manifestations of the ideographic function of color language and its influencing factors, providing scientific and diversified reference basis for creating domestic films that better meet the spiritual needs of the audience and improving the humanistic artistry of domestic animation industry.


Animated film, Color language, Ideographic function