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On The Symbolic Significance of Details of Tujia Funeral Ceremony

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.042


Jinqing Xiang, Yiying Xiang

Corresponding Author

Jinqing Xiang


The comprehensive forms of songs, music, drums and dances that the descendants of the deceased must buy in the funeral ceremony for them show the Tujia people's lofty sentiments for the disasters that have befallen their heads. At the same time, in this "farewell ceremony" of life etiquette, the cultural value carried in the funeral ceremony of Tujia nationality in Xiangxi is very rich in activity connotation, spiritual inheritance and religious belief. Tujia people's funeral culture has a long history, and the funeral is mainly burial. Tujia people are in the land of "barren service" and "edge". In its deep hinterland, all you can see is that mountains are connected with mountains and mountains. Surrounded by mountains, there are ridges and ridges, deep gullies, inconvenient transportation, and information blocking, presenting a relatively closed state. But with the development of the times, these details have gradually been ignored by people. Since the 21st century, scholars studying folk funerals and funeral rituals have increased, and the results have been fruitful. Finally, based on the understanding of Tujia funeral norms, this article analyzes the detailed functions and symbolic meanings of Tujia funeral customs, and puts forward goals and expectations for the development and prospects of Tujia funeral norms.


Tujia nationality, Funeral customs, Cultural heritage