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A Study on the Changes of Modern German Communication Neologisms from the Perspective of Lexicology and Sociolinguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.041


Ruli Tian

Corresponding Author

Ruli Tian


After experiencing the influence of culture, semantics began to exist in language, but this semantics is limited to our own nation, and does not exist in another language. The semantic connotation of vocabulary is not its superficial meaning, but the implicit meaning of words and the new meaning attached to the conceptual meaning by national cultural emotion. The number of new words in German is increasing by thousands every year, and they inject new vitality into German. Based on lexicology and sociolinguistics, this paper focuses on the causes of the emergence of German neologisms and the changes of modern German neologisms, and analyzes the influences of society and life on neologisms and the effects of neologisms on language.


Lexicology, Sociolinguistics, German, Communicative neologisms