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Research on the Construction Way of College Network Teaching Mode Based on MOOC

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.059


Boju Feng, Hongling Zhang

Corresponding Author

Boju Feng


With the development of Internet technology, MOOC emerged. As the main position of MOOCs, colleges and universities are undergoing an “Internet+” transformation in the field of higher education. MOOC is not subject to time and space constraints, but teaching resources sharing and other advantages for college students to obtain knowledge with a lot of convenience, but its own limitations are also more obvious, easily overlooking individual differences in students, and teachers and students cannot communicate in real time, which directly affect the quality of college teaching. Therefore, it should be combined with the actual situation of college teaching, college students' cognitive characteristics and practical ability, to build a network teaching model based on MOOC, to achieve the organic integration of MOOC and traditional teaching, in order to stimulate the vitality of classroom teaching and improve the quality of teaching.


Construction Way, College Network Teaching Mode, MOOC.