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On the Sustainable Development Direction of Modern Interior Design in China

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.038


Hai Huang, Linmei Shi

Corresponding Author

Hai Huang


In the information age, human beings are faced with many problems such as deterioration of living environment, population explosion, ecological destruction and energy shortage. As one of the long-term strategies for maintaining human life, survival and development, the concept of sustainable development provides a macroscopic theoretical guidance for curbing environmental degradation and maintaining ecological balance, and also puts forward new requirements for modern interior design. In view of the increasingly serious environmental deterioration, this paper attempts to explore an effective way of sustainable development of interior design, and clarify the future development direction of interior design from different aspects of environment, science and technology and culture, which provides theoretical basis and thinking methods for design innovation and cultural development.


Interior design, Sustainable development, Ecology, science and technology