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Research on interior design based on the concept of whole house customization integration

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.037


Erguo Zhu

Corresponding Author

Erguo Zhu


The whole house customization is not a new thing, but it is particularly noticeable in recent years, which has a great relationship with people's concept of interior decoration, furniture and furnishings purchase. The development of the whole house customization field is also changing quietly with the change of people's concept. Contemporary home decoration design, from the past traditional construction to today's design and construction of one-stop service, decoration industry has developed more and more convenient. In order to save the working time of modern people, the decoration industry has gradually formed a new decoration mode full case design. The whole case design refers to the systematization and modularization of modern home design, in which the main services include preliminary measurement, apartment type analysis, functional layout, style positioning, capital planning, drawing budget, overall construction of artificial auxiliary materials, collocation of soft clothes, home purchase, collocation and purchase of main materials, equipment purchase and all-round process of garden design.


Whole house customization, Integration, Indoor whole case design