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Comparative Study on Rural Environmental Aesthetics between China and Foreign Countries

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.035


Maojin Zhao

Corresponding Author

Maojin Zhao


Beautiful environment is the goal that people are pursuing nowadays, and the countryside is a complex of interaction between human and rural environmental aesthetics and environment. Compared with cities, the countryside is more closely related to natural environment and rural environmental aesthetics. Environmental aesthetics, with interdisciplinary vision, extends the boundary of aesthetics from pure art to the environment of natural and urban and rural environment aesthetics, and constantly promotes the reconstruction and reform of aesthetic discipline. For western environmental aestheticians, the aesthetic value of environment and the aesthetic mode of rural environment are important themes of environmental aesthetics. This paper discusses Chinese and foreign rural environmental aesthetics from different aspects. Chinese rural environmental aesthetics not only emphasizes that people's rural environmental aesthetics is in the environment, but also emphasizes the social rural environmental aesthetics of environmental aesthetic experience and its communication with daily experience. Foreign rural environmental aesthetics not only pays attention to the aesthetic factors that are beneficial to human perception, such as harmony, order and law of the environment, but also pays attention to the aesthetic factors of disharmony, change and imbalance in the ecosystem, thus making it initially separated from environmental aesthetics.


Rural areas, Environmental aesthetics, Compare