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Research on the application of Motion Graphics in UI interface design

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.034


Xiong Lu

Corresponding Author

Xiong Lu


MG design is a branch and extension of graphic design. It is a new type of animation. It has the advantages of simple picture, small and clear communication. Under the promotion of digital technology, with its unique visual performance ability, it effectively improves the effectiveness and creativity of information transmission. Because of its unique advantages, MG design is applicable to various fields, such as DEMO display of products, UI interface of mobile phones, data display in web pages, popular science apps, etc., and is sought after by audiences and users in various fields and industries, and its visual communication value is immeasurable. In recent years, the flattening of design concepts, the diversification of broadcast finals, and the gradual increase in audience acceptance have created a great market demand for this animation form of MG. This paper analyzes the application research of MG in UI interface design from the perspective of visual process design.


MG, UI interface design, Visual process