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Inheritance and Innovation of Landscape Architecture Design in the Context of Traditional Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.032


Li Zhao

Corresponding Author

Li Zhao


With the gradual development and deepening of economic globalization, China's modern landscape architecture design has gradually begun to show an international paradigm. Although this is of great benefit to the development and construction of Chinese landscape architecture, there are still some loopholes in it. Modern architectural landscape design has been paid more and more attention and played an important role in both micro-site modeling and macro-urban and rural planning. How to integrate modernism with traditional cultural elements has become a breakthrough in characteristic landscape design that designers must think about and solve urgently. Modern design is closely related to people's life, which originates from people's perception of life, and at the same time goes beyond life itself, and has certain relevance with local region and culture. This paper puts forward the application of traditional cultural thinking in landscape architecture planning and design, hoping to effectively improve the present situation of landscape architecture planning and enhance its creative connotation.


Landscape architecture, Landscape architecture, Traditional culture