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A Brief Analysis of the Visual Language Features of Chinese Ink and Wash Landscape Paintings

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.030


Lai Yingqin

Corresponding Author

Lai Yingqin


Ink and wash can be connected into lines by brushing, rubbing, drawing, drawing, and drawing on rice paper, and the points can be connected into lines, and the lines can be gathered into surfaces, and the surface can be transformed into a space with both virtual and real. Ink and wash landscape paintings are shaped in this way. A visual language that speaks less and more. It can describe both the real scene that people see, and the illusory scene that people see. That's it, the visual language of ink and wash landscape painting can be brilliant and intoxicating. It is based on the specific performance of stippling, which gives people a visual impact, and is laid out in the invisible surroundings, making people think about the scenery.


Chinese painting, Ink, Landscape, Visual language