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Research on Practice of Maker Pedagogy Supported by Educational APPs

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.058


Zhuang Li

Corresponding Author

Zhuang Li


In the present general context of the rapid development of Internet, education also joins in the Internet, and enters the era of innovation-oriented Internet education. In particular, the ideological trend of innovative education is initiated mainly by maker campaign, and a new educational method adapting to it emerges. The maker pedagogy is centered on people, encourages independent learning, innovative learning and cooperative learning by students, and mainly cultivates students' innovative thinking and practical spirit. Furthermore, mobile education resources represented by APPs are also increasingly more abundant, and can meet the needs of college students in various aspects. Smart APPs have very strong interactivity, provide great supports for maker pedagogy in terms of content and technology, and become a new choice for more and more college students in their learning and life. This paper further researches maker pedagogy and some educational APPs based on information extension class of educational APPs, with reference to maker pedagogy at home and abroad and experience in educational APPs, using a series of scientific research and investigation methods.


Maker pedagogy, educational APPs, practical research.