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The Modernity of Qibaishi's Painting Language

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.025


Lu Cheng

Corresponding Author

Lu Cheng


In the Chinese morden art history , Qi Baishi is an art master who from traditional Chinese painting to modernity. He inheriting traditional language, Qi Baishi's painting language inspired from folk art and from his unique perspective, he re-integrates and innovates personal language and tradition to form his own unique art. The artistic language are strongly contemporary. The artistic language he pioneered inherited the essence of traditional Chinese painting and created a new realm of Chinese painting. his paintings contain the expression of contemporary art, which are similar to Western contemporary paintings. The contemporariness of Qi Baishi's language is mainly embodied in the sense of form, freehand brushwork and expressiveness, universality, and true interest in language formation. The contemporaryity of Qi Baishi's art is mainly reflected in the following aspects.


Constitutes, Emotional and expressive, Natural fun