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A Study of Language Function from the Perspective of Modern Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.023


Daojie Ben, Dawa Pengcuo, Gezhi Duojie

Corresponding Author

Dawa Pengcuo


Language is not only a tool for human communication, but also an unbridgeable gap between other animals and human beings. It is related to human society, culture, ecology, science and other fields. In view of this, through the research methods of modern linguistics, this paper mainly analyzes and discusses the function of language, and at the same time involves the problems and relationships between language and society, ecology, culture, language acquisition and other aspects. The author concludes that there are interdependent and mutually restrictive relationships between language and meaning, language and human society, language and ecology, language and culture, and language and acquisition.


Linguistics, Human society, Ecological, Culture, Language acquisition