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Application of Flipped Class Model in Promoting Reform of Physical Education Curriculum

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.057


Wenchao Li

Corresponding Author

Wenchao Li


Since 2011, flipped class model has always had an important influence on the educational circles. It greatly changes the traditional teaching procedures, facilitates understanding the learning situation of each student in accordance with the relevant theoretical knowledge and the content of the theory of zone of proximal development, and encourages autonomous, independent and efficient learning by students, where teachers properly guide students according to their aptitude, and establish a new relationship between teachers and students. Compared with the traditional classroom teaching in the past, flipped class model mainly improves the efficiency of classroom teaching by applying computer and network technology therein, and is a teaching method with a broad development space. As found by investigation, the physical health of teenagers in China presents a downward trend, and the current PE curriculum reform of China aims at participation in exercises, sport skills, physical health, mental health and social adaptation. In order to better achieve the objectives, this paper analyzes the theory and time value of flipped class model applied to physical education teaching based on teaching experiences.


Physical education (PE) teaching, reform, flipped class model of PE.