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The Mutual Influences of Central Asian Dungan Literature and Aitmatov’s Works

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.018


Li-ni Chang

Corresponding Author

Li-ni Chang


The relationship between Dungan Literature and Kyrgyz literature is an academia blind spot. As one of the most distinguished writers in Kyrgyzstan, Aitmatov has a great impact in the Soviet Union and abroad. The mutual influence of Dungan Literature and Aitmatov lies in the following three aspects: First, from the ecological point of view, Aitmatov’s description of the relationship of man and animals has an extremely impressive artistic effect. Dungan literature has also criticized the harm to animals, while the performance of the relations of man and animals in harmony with Goodwill. Second, the profound philosophy contained in “mother - earth” images of Dungan literature and Aitmatov’s works is quite similar. Again, both Dungan literature and Aitmatov has recruitment and fusion of folk literature resources.


Dungan literature, Aitmatov, Influence