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"Exquisite Emotion" in Vocal Music Singing

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.011


Shupeng Zheng

Corresponding Author

Shupeng Zheng


From ancient times to the present, singing is an artistic form used by human beings to convey ideas and express emotions, and it is a performing art that needs to be fully engaged. Singing is also the art of sound, which is the heart-to-heart communication between the singer and the audience, and the process of artistic re-creation is carried out by expressing feelings with sound and bringing sounds with emotion. People often say that singing is the most moving music, and its moving feature is to express it with friendly language and beautiful voice, so as to achieve the perfect combination of the two-rich in sound and emotion. In the following, the author will discuss the aesthetic function, the purpose and significance of the rich voice and emotion in vocal music singing, and how the singer can achieve the rich voice and emotion.


Expressing feelings by sound, Sound and emotion, Singing, art