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A Study on the Symbolism of Robert Frost's Poetry from the Perspective of Deep Ecology

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.008



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Robert Frost didn't like vassal theory all his life, and he was against classifying himself into any school. He opposed others to call himself a symbolist poet, but called his poetry a symbol. Based on the theory of deep ecology of Allan ness, especially the two highest principles: ecocentrism, equality, self realization and guiding principle, simple means and rich purpose of life style, we can find that the deep ecological consciousness of DOUSHE in Robert Frost's poems is as follows: Man and nature are equal, interactive and interrelated. If human beings want to realize themselves, they must be kind to nature. Robert Frost opposes the excessive pursuit of rice material life, opposes the great enrichment of material wealth brought by industrial civilization based on science and technology, industrialization and commercialization, and advocates a pastoral life.


Deep ecology, Robert frost's poetry, Phenotypic property