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Research on Ecological Humanism under the Background of Co Construction of Ecological Civilization

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.007


Fengli Hu

Corresponding Author

Fengli Hu


The basic content of China's socialist ecological civilization construction at least includes the following aspects. The first is to strengthen education, publicity and legislation, and improve the people's ecological awareness. The second is to prevent and control environmental pollution and promote ecological optimization. Third, pay close attention to food safety and drinking water to improve people's livelihood. The fourth is to coordinate the development of population, resources, environment, economy and society. The fifth is to strengthen the planning, management and implementation of ecological civilization construction. China has now entered a new era of socialism with characteristics, and ecological protection, humanistic care and technological development are both important propositions. Under the background of this era, the technical thought of ecological humanism will provide beneficial enlightenment for us to understand the root of ecological crisis and explore solutions, and also have certain guiding significance for the construction of socialist ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics in the new era.


Ecological civilization construction, Ecological humanism, Socialism