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Study on Color Programs in Children Play Paintings in Song Dynasty

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.005


Shaoqi Zheng

Corresponding Author

Shaoqi Zheng


In the Song Dynasty, during its economic prosperity, political stability and open mind, citizen culture has mushroomed. The rich life in the market brought brand-new inspiration to artistic creation, and the works with folk culture as the theme met the aesthetic needs of the citizens at that time. Children play is a work of art with infants as the main theme, showing the social customs and the real life state of infants. In the long river of Chinese traditional art, the image of infants has been circulating for a long time. In the long process of development, the main contents of children play paintings are basically children's games and frolicking scenes in different historical periods, showing the social features of different times, with rich artistic expressions and profound cultural connotations. It is of great significance to study the aesthetic characteristics of color programs in children play paintings in Song Dynasty for inheriting Chinese traditional culture and modern and contemporary color composition, especially for providing good reference for many design products in life.


Children play, Subject matter, Color program, Cultural connotation