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Study on the Contribution and Influence of Dragon Culture in the Liao River Basin

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.004



Corresponding Author



After thousands of years, Chinese culture is still vigorous and fresh. It is the only uninterrupted cultural system in human history. The dragon culture, which originated in the Liaohe River Basin, is an important connotation and part of Chinese culture. It originated in the Liaohe River Basin and has an influence all over the world. It has not only made an indelible contribution to the sustainable development of Chinese culture, but also the self-confidence of the Chinese people. And a source of pride. This article analyzes and sorts out the evolution and influence of dragon culture, intends to explore its important contributions to the formation and development of the entire Chinese cultural system; hope that through the study of the traditional value and cultural connotation of dragon culture, it will contribute to the current Chinese society. And inject new energy into economic construction.


Dragon, Dragon culture, Chinese culture