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Cultural Background, Inheritance and Exploration of the Performance Form of“Hengshan Old Waist Drum”

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DOI: 10.25236/icallh.2021.001


Jiawen Liu

Corresponding Author

Jiawen Liu


“Hengshan old waist drum” is a traditional form of waist drum spread in Hengshan area of Yulin. It is one of the sources of waist drum performance in Northern Shaanxi. It was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage list in 2008. It not only has a high ornamental and artistic value in performance, but also has a very heavy value in cultural research. As an intangible cultural heritage, “Hengshan old waist drum” plays an important role in promoting socialist culture and excellent traditional culture. By studying the cultural background and performance form of “Hengshan old waist drum”, this paper analyzes the current situation and problems in the process of inheritance of “Hengshan old waist drum”, and provides some suggestions and countermeasures for the future inheritance and development of “Hengshan old waist drum”.


Hengshan old waist drum, Cultural background, Performance form, Inheritance