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Transition Countermeasures for Sustainable Development of Social Sports and School Sports

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.055


Shiqi Lu

Corresponding Author

Shiqi Lu


With the rapid economic development of China at present, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming increasingly more serious, and people are more aware of the importance of physical health due to various diseases brought by environmental pollution. Therefore, people put forward the slogan that conforms to the needs of contemporary social development: "All the people have exercises to keep physical and mental health", so that social sports develop in an all-round way. Sports mainly include social sports and school sports, which complement each other and need to maintain multi-aspect interactive development in multiple forms and multi-content coordinated development. Therefore, in the general trend that all the people have exercises, it is necessary for social sports and school sports to find right breakthrough points to reflect their own value, so that both are integrated to provide guarantee for people's physical health.


Social sports, school sports, sustainable development, transition countermeasures.