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Population Migration Equilibrium Model and Non - Equilibrium Model Research

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.087


Xuan Su

Corresponding Author

Xuan Su


Since the population model is proposed, a major content of model control analysis is also formed. In the process of understanding the population migration model and the non-uniform model feature, the development characteristics of structural model under different socio-economic conditions is analyzed. Recognize the transformation status of the model, which is also a major key to the hypothetical control development of the population migration model. Among the new model selection processes, the model structure feature is collected, according to the specific model method verification control and structural transformation characteristics, using the new model scheme. Under the study of its population migration, enhance model integration and assumptions, let subsequent model application elements play, which is also analyzed for economic adjustments related to models.


Population migration model, Non-uniform model, Population research