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Research on the Principles and Mechanisms of Universities' Disciplines and Specialties Promoting the Development of Industrial Clusters

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.085


Zhang Mao, Gao Jianjun, E Liyuan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Mao


As the scientific and technological support and talent carrier of local industry development, the disciplines of local universities and colleges have always been the focus of promoting the development of industrial clusters. The development of disciplines and majors promotes and synergizes the survival and development of regional industrial clusters. Based on the analysis of the principle of the role of university disciplines in promoting the development of industrial clusters, this paper focuses on the coordination mechanism of university disciplines and industrial clusters, from the support and promotion of disciplines to industrial clusters, and the attraction and promotion of industrial clusters to disciplines and majors. , Analyzes the collaborative innovation relationship between disciplines and industrial clusters, and then puts forward corresponding suggestions on the construction of collaborative innovation mechanism between disciplines and industrial clusters from the levels of demand, talents, and platforms.


Discipline cluster, Industrial cluster, Mechanism