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Issues and Enlightenment of China's Port Shore Power Development from the Perspective of Multiple Streams Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.082


Jiashao Zhang, Weixi Zeng, Chengyan Zeng

Corresponding Author

Jiashao Zhang


As an important measure of port city environmental governance, port shore power is facing the challenge of sustainable development. Innovative policy tools must be adopted to promote development. Based on the Multiple Shore Theory model, this paper discusses the current significant problems in the development of China’s port shore power from the problem flow, policy flow, and political flow. It also deeply analyzed the profit and loss calculations and game of the major stakeholders in the use of shore power in China. Finally, from the perspective of policy leaders, the paper puts forward appropriate policy tools that can take into account the interests and concerns of local governments, shipping companies, ports and power grid companies, and increase the utilization rate of port shore power to improve port environmental governance.


Port shore power, Multiple shore theory, Environmental governance