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Financial Analysis of the Problems for Transformation of Traditional Company

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.073


Hang Yang, Ziyi Su, Shenjie Lu

Corresponding Author

Hang Yang


According to the upgrading and transformation of people's consumption demand, their consumption mode is also changing. With the help of traditional mode of offline sales, it is far from being a powerful armor for enterprise development. Entrepreneurs with keen sense of smell and sharp vision have begun to lay out online sales channels. Developing online business can not only save promotion costs, but also greatly improve efficiency. It's not too late for online business to start at any time, and the integration of online, offline and online has become the business norm of enterprises. However, these transformation processes are not so smooth, there exists many kinds of problems. Therefore, this paper chooses a case of BPA, and analyze the problems existing in the transformation process of the target company. Finally, the solutions, including incentive system, promotion method and logistics system, are proposed from the perspective of financial analysis.


Financial analysis, Internet sales, Profitability