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Research on the Development Problems of Small Business Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.072


Zhicheng Wang, Zirui Chen, Cheng Xu

Corresponding Author

Zhicheng Wang


Small and micro enterprises play a very important role in economic development. Internationally, these enterprises in the United States, Germany and Japan contribute about 50% to economic development and 60%-70% to employment. Many countries are experiencing a wave of increasing number and scale of enterprises. At the same time, some star enterprises are emerging. However, many enterprises die prematurely due to various reasons when they grow to a certain stage, especially small and micro enterprises. As an important part of the economy, small and micro enterprises also occupy an important part in expanding employment channels, innovating technology, optimizing industrial structure and improving economic benefits. Nevertheless, there are many problems in the development of small and micro enterprises, which hinder the development of enterprises. In this paper, a typical case of BPA is analyzed, and the corresponding strategies are put forward for the problems.


Small and micro enterprises, Photography business, Case study