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Allocation of Endangered Plants Species Fund Based on Data Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.071


Ruihan Wang, Xinran Gao, Chang Sun

Corresponding Author

Ruihan Wang


With the acceleration of human development, many valuable species have been wiped out and extinct from their habitats. In order to change the scale, many non-profit organizations have begun to raise funds to protect endangered creatures. However, there are usually some conflicts between the cost and the funds we collect, and they are not equivalent at all. In order to solve this fund allocation problem, we aim to solve this problem and create a model determined by its cost-benefit analysis to calculate the protection priority of a specific plant and use the model. Based on the classification and calculations, we wrote a note to FRPCE to analyze our models and introduce them to our concepts of cost, benefit, and protection priority. FRPCE may use our conclusions to analyze the protection sequence and fund collection projects. We have three advantages, including multiple models and their characteristics, adjusting data from a human perspective, and the stability of expenditure items.


Frpce data, Model, Endangered plant