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The Allocation of Frpce Endangered Plants Species Fund

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.070


Runyu Liu, Xinsong Fan, Yuehan Wang, Hexuan Wang

Corresponding Author

Runyu Liu


With the acceleration of human development, many people nowadays have a better living standard compared to hundreds of years before. However, besides the prosperity of human society, many contaminations were produced and severely affect the environment, leading to an artificial disaster to nature. Many valuable species were wiped out of their habitat and become extinct. In order to turn the scales, there are many non-profit organizations that started to raise money to protect the endangered organisms. But there is usually some conflict between the cost and the money we collected, they are simply not equivalent. For the sake of solving this question of the distribution of the fund, in this paper, we aim to address this issue and create a model that is determined by its cost benefits analysis to calculate the priority of protection of a certain plant and use this model to simulate a cost schedule about protecting all plants. The first part of our model is to assume that we will protect all the 48 plants at the same time, since its urgency of being conserved. In this section, we use Excel to calculate and draw the graph of the relation between the years and the cost. We objectively summarize the benefits and the drawbacks of this situation. Then we use the explanatory description to analyze the reason why this model is not suitable for the question and our assumptions. Then we introduce some influence factors that affect the priorities.


Biodiversity conservation, Imperiled species, Funding raising schedule, Ahp, Florida