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Strengthen the Method of Reforming Physical Education Curriculum in Junior Middle schools

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.053


Wenchao Li

Corresponding Author

Wenchao Li


Physical education (PE) curriculum is not only the main form of PE in schools, but also a compulsory course in the teaching plan of China. In the PE curriculum, students can learn skills required in the syllabus, strengthen their physique, and be imbued with correct ideological and moral ideas. At present, the traditional teaching method cannot better meet the requirements of PE teaching, and it is necessary to strengthen the PE teaching curriculum in junior middle schools and adhere to the teaching guiding ideology of "health first". Therefore, it is very important to well arrange the PE curriculum, constantly strengthen reform of the teaching contents of PE curriculum, and it is also the development goal of PE education in schools at present.


PE in junior middle schools, teaching, reform method.