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The Importance of Environmental Impact Assessment in Environmental Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.065


Wang Qingyun

Corresponding Author

Wang Qingyun


With the progress and development of the economy, a series of environmental problems and natural disasters have been caused by people's influence and destruction on the environment. Faced with this situation, relevant departments of China have begun to strengthen environmental protection. In the process of carrying out environmental protection projects, environmental impact assessment is an important link. It determines the direction of projects and the formulation of decisions throughout the projects, and is also the prerequisite and basis for the smooth development of environmental engineering. Before the start of an environmental engineering project, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the environment to ensure that the entire project can meet all environmental indicators and requirements before the subsequent environmental engineering construction and then development can be carried out smoothly. At the same time, strict approval procedures are required to ensure the rationality and scientificity of the entire environmental engineering construction. In the process of carrying out specific environmental engineering work, it is needed to clarify the importance and significant position of environmental assessment and formulate scientific and reasonable planning and management based on specific environmental conditions. This will play an important guiding role in effectively improving the efficiency and quality of environmental engineering. The importance of environmental impact assessment in environmental engineering is analyzed for reference.


Environmental engineering, Environmental impact assessment, Importance analysis