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The Rule of Law for Business and the Construction of a High-Quality Business Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.064


Pan Zhang, Weirong Chen

Corresponding Author

Pan Zhang


The rule of law is the best business environment, and the rule of law in the business environment plays a pivotal role in the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities, and its realization must balance the relationship between business practice evaluation and the shaping of institutional mechanisms. To implement the new concept, new thought and new strategy of comprehensively governing the country according to law to shape the business environment under the rule of law, it is necessary to formally link the national laws in the construction of a legal business environment with internal party regulations, drive the process of business legalization with the spirit of reform in value, shape the business market with the rule of law in operation, and finally realize the full-cycle real economy revitalization and supply-side structural reform goals with the practice of operating under the rule of law in the business environment.


Rule of law, Business environment, Business practice evaluation, Institutional and mechanism shaping