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An Analysis of China Railway Express’ (Chang’an No) Development Issues under New Opening-Up

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.060


Huiting Hua and Yunjuan Li

Corresponding Author

Yunjuan Li


Along with Chang’an international freight train’s rapid development under the Belt and Road Initiative, some problems emerge of homogeneous competition in running routes, imperfect operating mechanism and insufficient operating services and infrastructure, which need to be solved for the healthy and sustainable development of Xi’an’s trade. Based on current foreign trade performance of Chang’an international freight train, this paper proposes several solutions of proper reinforcement of Chang’an no’s position as goods supply, sustainable improvement of Chang’an no’s operation level and appropriate optimization of Chang’an no’s transportation service model to enhance its all-round development.


Chang’an international freight train, Foreign trade, Xi’an