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Feasibility Analysis of Real Estate of First-Tier Cities in Mainland China Following the Singapore Model

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.055


Chen Ningyan

Corresponding Author

Chen Ningyan


The real estate market is very important to Mainland China's economy. After the reform and opening up, the housing prices of the cities in Mainland China have been moving towards the Hong Kong model. After that, the Chinese government took various measures to regulate house prices. Singapore's real estate model makes every Singaporean have a home, and the house prices are relatively low. This is worthy of Mainland China's reference. Mainland China can learn from Singapore's real estate model, and the region can choose in the developed first-tier cities. Mainland China can ensure that residents in first-tier cities have homes in terms of housing leasing. Mainland China can introduce measures such as talent apartments and the right to rent and sell the same. This can not only protect the rights and interests of the population outside the first-tier cities, keep the talents, but also effectively control the house prices of the first-tier cities in Mainland China.


Singapore model, Mainland china's first-tier cities, Real estate economy, Land finance, Apartments for talents, The same rights and interests of buying and renting houses