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Research on the Design of Eco-Friendly Landscape Architecture

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.046


Liya Chen

Corresponding Author

Liya Chen


Traditional landscape architecture mostly only pays attention to human needs and lacks care for other creatures, and even ignores the rights of other creatures' living space. This paper aims at the main problems existing in the current landscape architecture design, based on the development and achievements of ecological concepts in architecture and landscape architecture, conducts analysis, synthesis, induction and empirical research, and exploratively proposes the concept of bio-friendly landscape architecture. , To determine the scope of research and further development direction, point out the types of bio-friendly landscape architecture and biological coexistence, and apply ecological concepts to landscape architecture design. It is concluded that bio-friendly landscape architecture should follow the five basic design principles of “bio-oriented, ecological priority, system optimization, safety and harmlessness, and 5R integration”, and explore four design strategies of “control, blanking, guidance, and special projects”. Through analysis, excavation, inheritance and development of existing ecological design, flexible design, etc., the combination of the design method of the landscape architecture body and the object is proposed, and Changsha Martyrs Park is selected as an example to conduct on-site investigation, analysis and analysis of the landscape architecture in the park. In conclusion, in order to promote the construction of bio-friendly landscape architecture, corresponding suggestions are made for landscape architecture in the park. This paper is mainly to promote the efficient use of landscape architecture, promote the adaptation of organisms to the disturbed environment by humans and the benign interaction with landscape architecture, promote the harmonious symbiosis of people, landscape architecture and biology, and make more of biodiversity and creation. Make efforts to improve the garden environment and promote the process of ecologicalization.


Eco-friendly landscape architecture, Design research