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Research on Urban Street Landscape Design

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.042


Yongbin Cui

Corresponding Author

Yongbin Cui


Street is an important part of urban space, and it is the public space that urban residents pay most attention to. Street landscape is a concrete reflection of the style of urban streets, and urban street landscape will directly reflect the development level of the city, giving people the most intuitive impression. At the same time, the urban street landscape is also an important way for us to understand the history and culture of the city. With the rapid development of social economy, how to understand the streets of the city, what kind of street landscape to design, and how to continue and develop the context of the city in the street landscape will be issues that we have to consider. Based on the study of a large number of urban street landscapes, this paper divides urban streets into commercial streets, traffic streets, life streets and waterfront streets on the basis of induction and summary. Detailed descriptions and explanations of the design principles that should be followed in the landscape design of these four types of streets are given, and through the analysis of the typical street landscape of Shennan Avenue in Shenzhen, the future development trend of the street landscape is drawn, and what is the design process to combine people's activities to be both beautiful and generous, but also safe and practical.


Urban street, Landscape design, Living environment