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Analysis on Water and Soil Conservation Measures of Water Conservancy Project Based on Urban Water Affairs Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.030


Huo yajing, Zhang yanjie

Corresponding Author

Huo yajing


With the needs of urban development and the continuous progress of human activities, Urban construction leads to more and more serious problems of urban water and soil loss, Which further affects the utilization of urban water and soil resources and ecological environment, In order to ensure the stability and harmony of the ecological system of urban construction, It is necessary to manage and prevent the soil erosion caused by construction, Water and soil conservation is an important planning in water conservancy project management, In water conservancy project construction, Comprehensive and long-term protection measures and means should be taken to prevent and supervise water and soil conservation management, So as to comprehensively control water and soil loss and improve rural production conditions and ecological balance, In this paper, The measures to be taken for water and soil conservation in water conservancy projects based on urban water construction are analyzed in detail, And then the key points and countermeasures for prevention and control of water and soil conservation are put forward


Urban water construction, Water conservancy project, Water and soil conservation