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On the Modification of Sports Law from the Perspective of Legislative Law

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.022



Corresponding Author



The revision of the sports law is a major task of the construction of Chinese sports law under the background of the new era. The enactment and implementation of the legislative act of 2000 to the Legislative act of 2015 further modified, making the law of legislation have a great impact on china legislative practice, so amendment of the sports law must follow the legislation law. This paper, using the methods of literature and logic analysis, based on the requirement of legislative practice in the legislation law, probes into the main objectives and revising ideas of the revision of sports law. Research shows the main objective of the revision of sports law is to improve the quality of sports law, to provide legal guarantee for the development of sports in our country, and to lead and promote the reform and development of our country's sports cause. “Sports law” should amend the statutory sports field of the various subjects of the powers, obligations and rights, improve the clarity of the law, targeted, enforceable, and reset the sports arbitration system and the legal provisions of the authorized legislation.


Legislative law, Sport law, The rule of law in sports