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Communication Mechanism and Standard Guidance of Mobile Short Video Prevalence under the Background of Media

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.007


Bixue Sun

Corresponding Author

Bixue Sun


With the rapid development of information technology, smart phones come out, develop and rise rapidly, and are constantly updated. In addition, the emergence of various media platforms makes short videos more and more popular. Short video is developing in a blowout state, not only because it is the product of the times, but also because it satisfies the audience's habit of watching in fragmentation. The mobile terminal of mobile phone breaks the limitation of time and space, and exerts the short video characteristics to the extreme. Short videos have become an important way for people to get information and entertain themselves, and have changed people's lifestyles. In the new era of modern information dissemination, the characteristics of interaction, mass and space reduction have gradually become the mainstream. With the optimization and upgrading of the network and the expansion of users, short videos can be closely combined with news reports in emergency initiation, on-site reporting and evidence collection, media product innovation and multi-media integration, thus constructing a new information dissemination pattern. Based on this, this paper analyzes the popular propagation mechanism of mobile short videos, and puts forward its standard guidance method.


Short video, Communication mechanism, Standard guidance