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Research on Office Space Design Based on Green Interior Design Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2021.002


Peiyuan Li

Corresponding Author

Peiyuan Li


In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology and industrial civilization, a series of environmental problems have followed. Because of the emergence of environmental problems, people began to seek new ways of development, so to meet the needs of the times, sustainable development, green design began to enter people's vision. Nowadays, ecological environment and sustainable development are getting more and more attention, and various fields are discussing the concept of green design development. In this environment, the green office space design is the inevitable trend of modern office space design development. This article mainly studies the interior design of modern green office buildings. Therefore, we can better understand the development process of green office space design, put forward reasonable guiding opinions on its design principles, and combine relevant elements of green office building research. Guide the design of green office space.


Green interior design, Design concept, Office space design