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Discussion on the Reform and Development of the International Protection System of Intellectual Property

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.101


Weijie Huang

Corresponding Author

Weijie Huang


Due to the influence of historical reasons, economic development level and other factors, intellectual property protection in developing countries lags far behind that in developed countries. Western countries, represented by the United States, frequently launch intellectual property offensives in the world, and frequently threaten developing countries with economic sanctions. The international protection of intellectual property has attracted unprecedented attention from the world. Especially in the international protection of intellectual property rights, there are more difficult to reconcile contradictions and conflicts between the opposing camps of the two major interest subjects of developing and developed countries, and the interest conflicts between the intellectual property rights holders and the public. The above problems need to be properly solved. In international trade, the value of patents and trademarks of products is getting higher and higher. The international development of cultural industry has strengthened the economic value of copyright. At the same time, intellectual property transactions have gradually formed an independent and important market. This paper mainly discusses the reform of intellectual property protection system and the development of its protection system.


Intellectual property, global protection, developing countries, developed countries