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Analysis on the Formation and Connotation of "Double Focus Mode" of Ideological Education in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.095


Dan Tao

Corresponding Author

Dan Tao


As a new educational concept, the goal of "Ideological and Political Theories teaching in All Courses" (IPTtAC) is to educate people in all directions and the whole process. Change "Social Political Education Class" (SPEC) into "IPTtAC", integrate ideological and moral education into the connotation of teaching and educating people, implement it in the classroom according to students' growth and development needs and expectations, and form synergy with various courses. The transition process from the single center of "SPEC" to the "dual focus model" of "SPEC" and "IPTtAC" is formed. This paper argues that the transformation from "SPEC" to "IPTtAC" needs to strengthen the management norms and efforts of government, schools and other institutions; Strengthen the construction of ideological belief teachers; On the other hand, to understand the needs of students, we should take students as the main body, combine professional courses with ideological courses perfectly, and change the phenomenon of "SPEC" and "islanding".


Ideological education in universities,"Social Political Education Class", “Ideological and Political Theories teaching in All Courses”, "Double Focus Mode"