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Research on the Basic Issues of the Risk Prevention Principles of International Environmental Law under the Background of International Relation

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.093


Jianyun Zhao, Yufeng He

Corresponding Author

Jianyun Zhao


Along with realism, irreversibility and neo-liberal institutionalism, it has become the most influential western international relations theory in contemporary times, and it is gradually gaining momentum. The principle of risk prevention is put forward in view of the lag and irreversibility of environmental degradation, and has been listed as one of the basic principles of international environmental law by many environmental jurists. Social experience means that human beings live in society, and the emergence and growth of laws are all aimed at solving the practical problems of human life and existence. International social life also leads the emergence and development of international law including international environmental law. As far as international environmental law is concerned, since the international environmental problems at that time were not prominent, they have not attracted much attention from all countries. Although there are sporadic local treaties such as the protection of seals and migratory birds, they are not related to idealism. In order to deal with and solve specific environmental problems, the international community has formulated a series of international legal documents and developed many important principles as the legal basis for dealing with various environmental problems.This paper mainly reveals to some extent the theoretical root of the emergence and development of international environmental law, and predicts the future development prospects of international environmental law.


International relations, international environmental law, risk prevention