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Research on Digital Resources Construction and Library Allocation Transformation of University Library in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.092


Mingxing Liu

Corresponding Author

Mingxing Liu


In the network information age, with the development of digitalization and networking of libraries, the collection information resources of libraries have been greatly enriched and developed. The network environment has created unprecedented favorable conditions for the organization, management, development and utilization of library information resources, and also put forward higher requirements. With the development and popularization of Internet information technology, digital reading has become the vane to lead the change of social reading mode, and it is inevitable for university libraries to accelerate the pace of digital resources construction. In this context, if traditional publishing houses do not update their publishing concepts and innovate their publishing models, and library distributors do not expand their e-book marketing business, the library distribution market will gradually be marginalized. University libraries should actively promote the transformation of library allocation based on the development of the times, and further optimize the database structure of university libraries by improving the resource procurement scheme, speeding up the construction of characteristic collections, and promoting the group resource procurement.


Library, Library allocation, Digitization, Networking