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The Application of Internet Technology in Innovation of Teaching Political Theory Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ssah.2018.045


Xiao Han

Corresponding Author

Xiao Han


The innovation of training mode is the focus and hotspot of our current higher education reform. The innovation of practice teaching mode of political theory course is a useful exploration for the innovation of our higher education training mode. To innovate the practical teaching mode of political theory lesson in colleges and universities, it is necessary to define the basic connotation of practical teaching scientifically and establish the goals and principles of practical teaching pattern innovation so as to realize the theoretical teaching. It is an important and effective attempt to carry out the auxiliary teaching of political theory course based on new media technology such as Internet and mobile Internet. The practice teaching of political courses should be based on the background of the Internet to explore the application of Internet technology in the innovation of political theory teaching mode. The classroom teaching is driven by the practice in the class, the classroom teaching is extended with the comprehensive training in the school, and the classroom teaching is expanded by the social practice to achieve the actual effect of the education.


Internet technology, political theory, teaching model, innovation.