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Research on Innovative Ways of College English Teaching Mode from the Perspective of Cross-cultural Communication

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.088


Wenhua Yu

Corresponding Author

Wenhua Yu


Under the background of economic globalization and political multipolarization, exchanges and cooperation between countries have been continuously strengthened. In order to achieve the goal of cooperation better, it is necessary to realize effective communication on the basis of understanding each other's cultural background, which requires us to strengthen the cultivation of intercultural communication talents. As the main body of the new era, college students should not only understand their own culture, but also deeply understand foreign cultures, communicate with foreigners, and improve their intercultural communication ability in the process of communication. Mastering the ability of cross-cultural communication in an all-round way will help English majors in their future work. Therefore, it is also the most important thing to apply college English teaching forms to cross-cultural communication. This paper discusses the importance of cross-cultural communication, and analyzes how to reform the teaching mode of college English under the background of global cross-cultural communication, and then puts forward the methods and strategies for college students to improve and enhance their awareness of cross-cultural communication.


Cross-culture, College English, Communication, Teaching mode