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Research on Digital Library Construction in Mega Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.087


Dongmei Guo

Corresponding Author

Dongmei Guo


The huge data resources and information services in the era of mega data have laid a good foundation for the construction of digital library, and made the construction of digital library enter a brand-new era. From relying on paper media before, libraries can build digital libraries with the help of computer networks. Digital library must restructure, strengthen resource construction and use advanced science and technology to turn challenges into opportunities. Only in this way can the long-term and healthy development of digital library be realized. In the era of mega data, using mega data technology, according to user access records and other data information, we can not only predict the possible failures of library service management system, but also analyze and explore the knowledge structure of technicians, so as to take countermeasures and ensure the healthy and stable operation of the service system. This paper will analyze the construction of digital library under the background of mega data era by studying the characteristics and meanings of mega data era.


Mega data, Digital Library, Resource construction