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The Development of Intellectual Property Protection in the Digital Age

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.084


Feng Xue

Corresponding Author

Feng Xue


This greatly enriches and develops the methods of collection, processing, storage and transmission in the digital age, and provides practical technical support and guarantee for the library's document resources sharing. With the development of digital technology, works such as writing, art, photography, music, animation, film and television can be stored by digital technology. Transmission by digital transmission technology can have binary digital coding expression, and can realize mutual conversion between original form and digital form by digital technology.At the same time, it also brings new conflicts of interest to the current intellectual property system, especially the copyright system. The measures taken by the administrative organs to safeguard the legitimate interests of the intellectual property right holders are self-help relief measures for the right holders, which can better reflect the initiative of the right holders and also conform to the characteristics of intellectual property rights as private rights. In view of the fact that the technical measures for the protection of intellectual property rights of digital works are also illegally infringed, this paper systematically reviews the laws and regulations for the protection of technical measures at home and abroad. This paper discusses the relationship between the digital age and the protection of intellectual property rights, and discusses how to develop the protection of intellectual property rights in the future on the basis of the digital age.


Digital age, intellectual property, protection