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Challenges and Innovations of Ideology Education for College Students in the Environment of "Micro-Opinion"

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.083


Yameng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yameng Zhang


With the widespread application of instant messaging tools such as Weibo and WeChat, the era of "micro-public opinion" has begun. Everyone has become the main body of producing, publishing, disseminating and consuming information. For this reason, a large amount of information is inevitably mixed with various violent, malicious and false information, which erodes the audience's ideology and values in silence. Carrying out this research will play a positive role in promoting the improvement of ideology educators, students and their teaching methods in universities. Especially for college students with active thinking and strong ability to accept new things. In this era of advanced Internet, public opinion on the Internet is constantly emerging, which has also affected us. This article mainly analyzes the main influence of the current "micro-public opinion" environment of college students, and puts forward the problems and improvement methods of the ideology education of college students in the "micro-public opinion" environment. Based on the analysis and research of this paper, the purpose is to promote the innovative development of Ideology education of college students in the "micro public opinion" environment.


"Micro-public opinion", ideology education, college students