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Integrated Design of Smart Campus Operation and Maintenance Management System Based on BIM in Big Data Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2021.082


Zhang Jianfeng, Gan Yinghao, Jiang Yechao

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jianfeng


Smart campus comprehensively uses technologies such as mobile internet and big data to integrate, analyze and share all kinds of data in universities. The campus building is a place that needs to carry history and reflect the characteristics of the times. With the continuation of historical time and the change of management personnel, there may be breakpoints in campus operation and maintenance management, such as the mismatch between the completed drawings and the actual construction, the unclear level of underground pipeline network, the inability to accurately determine the cause and source of accidents, and the lack of obvious effectiveness of space management. To solve the problems existing in traditional campus operation and maintenance management and improve management efficiency, this paper proposes an integrated design of intelligent campus operation and maintenance management system based on BIM. Reverse application of BIM technology, review and import the completed campus project information, get rid of BIM's thinking inertia of forward planning, design, construction and maintenance, find out the errors between the construction drawings and the actual completion, revise and improve the as-built drawings, and ensure the accuracy of normal campus operation and maintenance.


Big data, BIM, Smart campus, Operation and maintenance management system